Sustainable Management

Our Company is proactive in the goal of sustainable management of our natural resources. Our company follows the strict guidelines by the Guyana Forestry Commission in harvesting, producing and exporting of all lumber products.

Guyana has recently entered into an Low Carbon Development Strategy with the Government of Norway in a move to protect our forest and prevent deforestation while harvesting mature trees. Every tree that is fell is tagged from the stump to the mill where it can be legally verified by Forest Officers. The end result is a growing forest and premium legal lumber.

Milling and Quality Management

Our sawmill has been in operation for over 45 years, and due to the technological advancements in the lumber industry we have been able to increase yield from our logs therefore recovering less waste and higher grade lumber. Recently we retool our mill with new thin kerf bandmills, log handling system and moulders to provide our customers with the highest quality lumber products and maximizing the entire log. Even our wastes are given to local restaurants which utilizes it for cooking. Dairy farmers use the saw dust and wood chips for covering the ground.

When it comes to quality we are number one with an active 4 point quality control system in place. Logs are specially selected to fulfill the customer orders by our quality control inspectors and managers. It is then milled into rough sawn timber after which a second inspection takes place. 

A- grade and lower grades are sorted and then moulded. After moulded a 3 inspection is carried out to sort the higher grades. Packing and strapping and loading is where our final inspection is done therefore ensure our customer never gets nothing but the highest quality.