Greenheart Marine Pilings

Greenheart Pilings are used for Heavy foundations & mainly marine applications: Bridges, Docks, Wharves, Marinas & Revetment.

Greenheart pilings have been proven to outlast steel in salt water applications by the US Agriculture Dept. It requires no treatment and lasts as long as 100 years when submerged. We have supplied this product worldwide for Bridge construction/Repairs, Docks, Marinas, Wharves construction, outdoor decks, Jetties, Sluices and Lock gates among other applications.

We stock a wide variety of lengths and sizes

Shipments can be either containerized or break-bulk.


{C}·         Lengths mainly from 20' - 60' (6.1 m – 18.2 m)

{C}·         Over 60’ can be supply

{C}·         Average diameter: 12" (304 mm)

{C}·         Tip: 8"/10" (203mm/254mm)

{C}·         Base: 12"/14" (304mm/356mm)

Minimum Order

{C}·         One container/flat rack