Founded:  1966

Parika Sawmills Ltd is a limited liability company, which has been incorporated under the companies Act, Chapter 90:05, Certificate No.1882. The sawmill was opened in 1966 and for over 50 years has been supplying customers worldwide with various lumber products and superior service.

The company is engaged in the entire lumber process from,logging, milling and  exporting of the processed wood.

Parika Sawmills Ltd is a family own business that is currently run and operated by members of the 2nd and 3rd generation. The increase in demand for Guyanese tropical hardwoods has allowed the company to steadily grow over the past 50 years and to expand on its products and services offered. Greenheart, Purpleheart, Washiba and Massaruda (bulletwood) are a few of the popular woods processed.

The business has its own forestry concession granted through the Guyana Foresty Commission and adheres to sustainable harvesting of tropical logs.

Logs are transported to the sawmill in Parika via the Essequibo river, where it processed into flooring, deckings, construction boards and mouldings for our valued customers .

All lumber are waxed at the ends to prevent splitting, strapped for easy handling and inspected by an independent timber grader and Guyana Forest commission to ensure quality .

The business continues to explore new plans to better serve customers and the installation of a kiln drying facility has already commenced.